Crafty fairing

I’m going slightly out of my mind, I think.

I’m exhausted  – something woke lots of people round here at 2.29 a.m., probably night-flying RAF* – and it’s the half-yearly Harlech Craft Fair tomorrow and Sunday. It doesn’t seem long since the last one, which was actually in November when the weather was a little different:

and it was a real pain struggling downhill to the Memorial Hall with all the stock, slithering and teetering over the sheets of ice. Somehow, whatever the weather throws at us, I don’t think there’ll be a snowstorm coming in over the sea tomorrow. Gobeithio (hopefully)…

But there will be lots of goodies, and it will be great to see everyone and meet some new craftspeople, too. There’ll be weaving:

There’ll be paintings in a range of styles; there’ll be driftwood furniture, hand-dyed yarns (I must resist, I must resist), photographs, baskets:

And there’ll also be glass, children’s clothes, quilts, jewellery, pots, chocolate (don’t imagine there’ll be much left after the craftspeople have raided that particular stall), and other edibles, possibly less festive in nature than this kitcheny assortment:

Plus there’ll be teas and coffees to raise money for our local swimming pool, just taken into community ownership after a long – um, process. Yes, I think that’s the most tactful best way of describing the last few years since the council closed it suddenly because of an electrical fault.

So if you happen to be anywhere near this big castle-shaped object

tomorrow or Sunday, come and visit us (photo courtesy Welsh Tourist Board, aka Visit Wales – and note the sheep; I’m probably spinning one of those right now – er,  the fleece from one, that is). There may even be some chocolate left.

And we’ve got quite a good beach and some mountains, too:

*Allegedly a local farmer, fed up with the low flying which is endemic in many remote rural areas, wrote ‘F••• OFF BIGGLES’ on the roof of his barn. His life was not improved by the pilots coming down even lower to have a look. I don’t care if this story is apocryphal or not; I love it.


4 thoughts on “Crafty fairing

    1. kate Post author

      Weeeeeelllll, sort of. I bought 100g of dyed fluff for spinning with, which I thought was fairly restrained. I think the fact that it was so busy helped – not too much time to roam about and buy stuff. I ended up teaching kids to spin – the boys particularly enjoyed themselves!


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