A fleece, thrown.

This will be a relatively brief post as I’m struggling with a horrible deadline, but I have been playing hooky. I’m a freelance, I’m allowed, but it still feels vaguely naughty.

I go to the Llyn Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. For some time I’ve felt like a bit of a fraud there – I’m a new spinner, and a new spinner with a stupid spinning injury – but I’m settling in now, especially as I’m able to spin a bit more. (No, I’m not, if you’re my physio, I’m exaggerating. Spin, moi? No way.) We’ve been fundraising, and I described what we were up to earlier – a sponsored ‘fleece to throw‘, for which I produced a magnificent three whole bobbins.

Well, it’s done.

It still needs a final wash and block, but here it is:

I still find it slightly incredible that this throw should have been created from this:

I ought to have got used to the idea by now. After all, my house is full of enough fleece – so many sheep, so little room – but there’s still something magical about the transformation.

From this:

to this:

What a lot of work – and what a result.

Apparently somebody eminent in the Guild as a whole once described the Llyn Guild as ‘nice and friendly; you’re always doing things together’.

This was certainly the case here, and we’ve collected plenty of sponsorship, and can now raffle the result to raise even more. And I may even have to learn to crochet. Run for the hills, everyone!*

And if anyone is going to be in the Harlech area in early October, come along to an all-day knit, spin, weave and natter – details on the ‘woolly events’ tab at the top. Maybe I can borrow the real thing and show it off (and raise a little more money, too).

* The last attempt to teach me was a little traumatic. Not for me. I was fine. But some of the knit and natter group still speak of it in hushed tones. It’s a good job we meet where alcohol is freely available.


4 thoughts on “A fleece, thrown.

  1. Knitsister

    How amazingly beautiful and please bring it to your Harlech day..Jackie and I are coming for sure and might be able to tempt a few others.
    …I can’t believe you are crocheting!!!! I am in shock 😉

    1. kate Post author

      Well, I’m not actually crocheting – I’m still thinking about it… OK, I’ll fess up, I did have a go last night, book on my lap, but I couldn’t make my hands do it. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

      Will be lovely to see you!

  2. Annie

    I had the same problem with crochet … until I found Meet me at Mikes Crochet 101 tutorial, whereafter I whipped up my first Granny square in minutes, honest! Highly recommended. But now I can crochet … I still like knitting best!

    Loving the throw 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      Ah – I’ll have to have a look at that (at least it will preserve the sanity of the knitting natterers if I use YouTube instead. I read crochet patterns and I think ‘you what?’ and give up, but there’s a cardigan I really want to knit with a crochet edge, and I can’t bodge my way out of it…


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