Colours of Rowan

When you spend two fairly intensive days surrounded by wool, your perception of the world gets a little – er, distorted. You start seeing shade cards everywhere. I experienced something like this when I was in Shetland, and I saw the landscape in terms of Jamieson’s 757, 750, 700 and many other shades of their blues and greens and – ahem.

I didn’t really expect it to happen on a two-day trip to Holmfirth, but it did. West Yorkshire – more down to earth?

After all, Rowan is on the unpoetically named Washpit New Road – can’t get more down to earth (well, you can, but most of those street names – often unprintable – were  changed by the Victorians). Surely Holmfirth would be less likely to generate flights of fancy, or what my mother used to call ‘Celtic bollocks’?

Hm. I came home with a desire to knit stripes and dig out any Kidsilk Haze I had, which isn’t a lot. For a while I couldn’t think why. Then I downloaded my images, and all became clear(ish). It’s all Kidsilk Haze. In the case of this workshop, due to the timing, the more subdued colours. The yellow ochres, greys and browns, the misty colours.

Or maybe even more autumnal?

And then you get into deeper colours, and we’re moving more into the richer, more snuggly and comforting end of the Kidsilk Haze spectrum:

And I refuse to believe anyone who tells me that this moss right outside the Mill wasn’t the inspiration for Kidsilk Haze’s ‘Jelly’:

Oh dear. I’d better start saving bits and pieces for the Earth Stripe Wrap, perhaps.


6 thoughts on “Colours of Rowan

  1. heikeknits

    Jelly oh Jelly one of my favourites and that wrap!!!! I have always wanted to make it. It’s easier now, just buy a few balls of self-striping Kid Silk Haze in your favourite colour combi and off you sewing in of hindreds of ends ;)))

    1. kate Post author

      Ah yes, but I would have to learn to crochet – or maybe I could persuade one of knitting natterers to crocher round the edge… Hmm, suspect I know the answer to that one!

        1. kate Post author

          I’m a crochet refusnik; I shall resist, I shall resist, I shall resist! (Besides, if you want to know how painful it would be teaching me to crochet, you have only to ask some of my friends. Dreadful. Much swearing.)

  2. Annie @ knitsofacto

    I was looking at the Kid Silk Haze only yesterday and admiring the colour palette. But I bought Debbie Bliss Fez … how silly am I !

    I’ve yet to look at the world in woolly shade numbers, but I do tend to think of it in watercolour names.

    So envious you got to spend two whole days at Rowan!

    1. kate Post author

      I think watercolour names is just as bad/good as Jamieson’s shades!

      I’m a bit off Debbie Bliss – knitted a lovely top in her Cashmerino, and even though I’ve only worn it three times it looks as though it’s been worn at least ninety-three times. Pilling central. Humpf…


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