Happy Knitting!

Well, I never know whether to say Happy Christmas or not…

Over on Heikeknits, my friend Heike has been doing a series of blog posts about seasonal traditions in Germany. By way of festive good wishes, I’m contributing – very briefly – something a bit different. Well, different in the UK, anyway. Not so different in Provence.

I have a large collection of small terracotta figures.

They are traditionally used in Christmas creches in the south of France – there’s a somewhat similar tradition in Italy and in Catalonia – and they not only represent the main protagonists of the story, but all the workers of a Provençal village.

There are some regular characters, some I like to think of as illustrating Marcel Pagnol’s wonderful autobiographical books, and some new ones every year. There are Fairs for selling them in the South, though I have to admit that most of mine have come from Paris. My father had quite a collection, but they all disappeared over time and I decided to start building my own a while ago. I’m not religious – that’s also a family tradition – so I confine my collection to the ordinary people, though some shepherds have snuck in.

Plus, but of course, the occasional sheep. And I am happy to say that I have recently managed to add these two:

I am particularly fond of them; I can’t think why…

So however you celebrate or spend it,



9 thoughts on “Happy Knitting!

  1. heikeknits

    How lovely these figurines are and what a lovely tradition (just like my bells). It has also just reminded me that I have forgotten all about my Nativity Set that we bought years ago in Austria…must go and find it right away.
    Have a lovely Christmas and hope to see you sometime soon
    Heike x

    1. kate Post author

      They’re very sweet, and I need more, more! (I think I also need the traditional Provençal 13 desserts, too…)
      Happy Christmas!

    1. kate Post author

      They are – and I forgot a significant fact: they’re called santons, and so am I – but I’m not 3cm tall and made from terracotta, though our family come from the same area originally…

  2. Annie

    What sweet figures and I agree Christmas is all about traditions , although more of mine are going out of the window year by year !!!
    Hope yours was a good one , we had a tummy bug courtesy of GD 😦

    1. kate Post author

      I think my traditions have been whittled down to the best now! Unfortunately I seem to be starting another – not that well myself, and I was quite ill last year (much better now, thank heavens), but this is not a trend. NOT!


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