Well, is it a hat?

In my last post I did threaten to share a vintage pattern. I said it was a hat, but I’m not really sure about that; it’s certainly not going to keep your ears warm. It’s not a snood, nor is it a turban. It could be classified as a skullcap, I suppose, but that doesn’t make it sound very attractive.

And I think it is.

I’m itching to knit this, but my hands won’t allow it just yet, so the best thing I can do is share it. It’s in 4 ply – easy – and I think it would look fab in some lovely modern yarn; I’ll indulge in a little fantasy later. Oh, it says you need 4oz, but that includes the rather bijou gloves which will not be making an appearance on my needles any time soon or, I suspect, on anyone else’s these days.

I’ve not tried this myself yet, so I can’t vouch for the pattern – but in my experience these vintage ones are usually reliable if you have a bit of knitting knowledge (and, in some cases, just trust the pattern and resist the urge to mess with it as you’re knitting. Don’t ask me how I know).

Now for the pattern itself:

Tension: 8 sts and 11 rows of the crown pattern to 1 inch, over size 11 needles – 3.00mm (US size 3). The only unusual abbreviations are S for slip and WFD for keeping the wool forward.

Cast on 171 sts.
Row 1:  (Wrong side facing) Knit
2: *P3, WFD, S3, repeat from *, ending P3
3: Knit
4: P2, *WFD, S3, P3, repeat from *, ending P1
5: Knit
6: P1, *WFD, S3, P3, repeat from *, ending P2
Repeat these rows four more times.

Row 31: as Row 1
32: *K2 tog, K8, repeat from * ending K2 tog, K7, K2 tog (153 stitches)
33: Purl
34: Knit
Repeat 33rd and 34th rows once more
37: Purl
Repeat 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and 1st rows four more times.

Row 62: *K10, K2 tog, repeat from *, ending K9 (141 sts)
Repeat the 33rd to the 37th rows inclusive
Repeat 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and 1st rows three more times this time.

Row 86: K2 tog, *K6, K2 tog, repeat from *, ending K3 (123 sts)
Repeat the 33rd to the 37th rows inclusive
Repeat 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and 1st rows three more times again.
Next row: K2 tog, *K5, K2 tog, repeat from *, ending K2 tog (104 sts). Cast off.

Now do the crown. Cast on 29 sts.

Row 1: Purl
2: * K1, WFD, S1, repeat from *, ending K1
3: Purl
4: K2, *WFD, S1, K1, repeat from *, ending K1

Repeat these 4 rows until the work measures 3 ins. Keeping pattern unbroken, K2 tog at the end of every row until 18 sts remain. Cast off.

To make up:

Sew sides of hat to make a circle then, commencing with the seam to the centre of the cast-on edge of the crown, pin the cast-off edge of the hat round the crown and stitch neatly from the wrong side. With the WS of the hat facing, very loosely stitch together the first and last rows of the first 31 pattern rows, and the first and last rows of the last stripe of the pattern – this is to make a roll on the right side of the work. Sew the first and last rows of the 2nd and 3rd stripes together for 3 ins on each side of the centre back seam.

So what would I be using if I could knit this? Hmm…

How about one of these?

A bit of variegation, perhaps. I’m sure there’d be more than enough on a 100g ball, though I don’t know the yardage of ‘Lavenda 4-ply knitting wool’ for which these designs are ‘specially prepared’. I can get a whole shawl out of a single ball. What am I saying? I could get. And I will get. But not can, not the present tense, not yet.

Or maybe a contrast crown?

These are two delicious balls of John Arbon’s alpaca 4 ply, bought at Wonderwool. Go Wonderwool!

Or maybe I should push the variegation a little bit more, and do something autumnal?

Of course, if I was knitting in period it would have to be a plain colour, and probably a rather dowdy one. You can take vintage too far sometimes… Ooo, I know, I know – lipstick red! Right, I do need to buy something at Wonderwool (by which time I should be between operations, and therefore able to buy yarn with a clear conscience).


12 thoughts on “Well, is it a hat?

  1. heikeknits

    I say go for lipstick red, very vintage and very now! Never ever any excuse needed for buying yarn…no, no not ever 😉

    1. kate Post author

      Bad Heike! You’re leading me astray – I’m supposed to be using the stash… but if the stash doesn’t have any lippy red, then I just have to…

    1. kate Post author

      Thanks – isn’t it fab?! I’m going to have to decide precisely which lipstick red, though – sigh, what a hard life we knitters lead!

  2. Annie

    Lipstick red, definitely, and to answer Lydia, hat pins!

    I have some 1940s knitting pattern books – the usual kind of thing – with some amazing variations on ‘hats’!

    1. kate Post author

      It’s got to be red, hasn’t it?

      Yo on hat pins. I think it’s about time that the hat pin was reinvented for the present day on the lines of modern shawl pins – funky silver swirls, exciting beading, etc. Mind you, this hatette would be best with something traditional (or maybe not… hmmm….)

    1. kate Post author

      Go hatpins!

      You are soooo right about red! I’m definitely going to be looking out for some red at Wonderwool Wales (owing to the size of the Great Snowdonia Stash Mountain, I’m not allowed near a yarn store before then). I’ve been conducting research into the precise shade by trying out all my red lippy – I’ve been searching for the perfect one for ages, so I’ve a good supply – and scaring the neighbours…


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