Welcome to the house of fun… no, really

The Madness song is highly appropriate – even though what I’m anticipating doesn’t (necessarily) involve booze and I’m not actually turning 16 – because of the line about ‘…temptation’s on it’s way’.

It most certainly is.

This may look like a car park, but it’s not just any car park (insert cheesy M&S ad music). It’s the car park at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells, and that means… eeeeeee.

Every year I get like this, and there are still a couple of weeks to go. Well, 15 sleeps, eeeeeeee.

And yes, I do sound like a puppy being taken down to the beach for a lovely exciting walk and a roll in some interesting dead things. I’m in danger of turning into Donkey from Shrek 2: ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘Are we there yet?’

There’s next weekend and the weekend after that, and then the weekend after that is – drum roll – Wonderwool Wales.

I thought I was handling it this time. I’ve been calm and cool-headed and helped organise a coach and bought the tickets for our party.

And I know I’m not going to be buying much because I’ve got a serious stash back-up in many areas of woolliness and not just yarn – fleeces, fluff, dyeing materials, patterns. I don’t need any more.

I’ve even got silk fibre, got some here last year (my first Wonderwool as a spinner, oh dear). Got a little bit more very fine thread at a silk spinning workshop, so I don’t need that.

And I don’t need a new spinning wheel, either.

And then a couple of friends came round to go though the aforementioned pattern stash to see if anything grabbed their fancy for Wonderwool, and it struck me just how close it was. That did it. I’ve checked my stash and it’s not that bad really; I can actually get into the spare room and there’s even some space in the big metal school trunk up in the loft where I keep my spare fleeces safe from moths / mice / next door’s wool-obsessed cat.

No, there isn’t any space.
No there isn’t.
No – there – isn’t.
Stop it.

It’s been a strange sort of year, what with one thing and another (so I need something lovely, ahem), and amazingly I’ve just got quite a bit of work coming in (could this be the start of an upturn, and if I spend money at Wonderwool will I still be able to afford to refill the oil tank?). I can argue myself right round in circles ever so easily because, basically, I have the willpower of a maggot.

And after all, with a show like Wonderwool Wales, you’re never going to be sure if you’ll be able to find that quality fleece / shade of yarn / skein of indie-dyed perfection / back copy of an obscure US knitting mag that you’ve been looking for / beautiful Andean plyer ever again. So it would be silly to resist.

Wouldn’t it?

Ahem. There are other things to do, after all. There’s the meeting up with people, the coffees and the chats, the inspiring crafts to watch experts doing, the scotch eggs to buy (they’re exempt from the no-buy ban). There are all sorts of spinning wheels to test in case I win the lottery. I don’t need to actually buy anything (apart from the scotch eggs). So there.

But I’m still excited.

Are we there yet?


20 thoughts on “Welcome to the house of fun… no, really

  1. knitsofacto

    Are we? Are we!!!

    Saturday April 28th is my date with the wonder that is Wonderwool. I am selling things, any money I make is my Wonderwool spend. (Anyone who reminds me at this point that I am supposed to be putting money aside for a new laptop and a new camera will have a problem!)

    Right, I’m off, I have work to do on ebay … what do you think I’d get for hubby’s golf clubs ;D

    1. kate Post author

      We’re going to be there on the Saturday too – you never know, they might just sell out of stuff by Sunday. Who needs a new laptop, anyway (says the woman who had to get – like you do – a new MacBookPro in November) or come to that, their oil tank filling? It’s nearly summer, for heaven’s sake.

      My ‘trouser money’- anything which falls out of pockets automatically becomes Wonderwool spending – is mounting nicely, but I still need more. Have you thought about selling hubby on eBay? Just asking…

  2. del

    I can see why you’d be excited! And after a strange year, you definitely deserve to treat yourself…I’m not helping in the self-restraint department, am I?

    1. kate Post author

      No, you’re not – but on the other hand, you’re telling me exactly what I want to hear!
      It is such a fabulous show – I’m sure there are loads of great woolly shows in the US, but I honestly think Wonderwool is the best of the UK crop. It gets better and better (and we get more and more US visitors, too…)

    1. kate Post author

      Then it’s just as well that some of us are coming on Saturday (but something tells me we will not be alone)… Have fun!!!

  3. Guzzisue

    once again it’s been are we going ? yes/no/yes/no as various offers of lifts hit snags from crashed cars to new job inductions. Final outcome is that we will not be camping this yeat but WILLL be there on the Saturday!! So Wikkidknitter and myself will be lurking in the Rav area from time to time so may see you there 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      It’s bizarre this year – I’ve had a work famine, and now I have four jobs on, all of them urgent and two of them huge; lots of unpredictable personal commitments have suddenly come up; I’ve become involved in trying to start a local spinning group which has just picked up steam – phew. I can’t really afford the time.

      But I will – of course. By this time a fortnight hence I will be collapsed in a heap somewhere, exactly as usual, and nobody will be able to put anything in the bag creche because I will have filled it. I will pass by the Rav area and say hi if I haven’t passed out in wonderment and exhaustion!

  4. CityofLeedsRose

    I sooooooo can’t wait either!!! 😀 Been busy stash busting and sorted out my pattern all ready. The plan is to only buy the yarn needed for the Celtic Stole….can see my will power already walking out through the door! LOL!!! 😀

    1. kate Post author

      I went with a list the first couple of years – yardages, pattern notes, etc – and then I got into the halls and it all went up in the air in about five seconds. The year after I went with the flow and we almost needed a trailer for my stuff. The year after that I was injured so I only needed a small trailer.

      This year I’m not buying anything, so I should be fine. Yeah, right… ARGHHHHHH!

    1. kate Post author

      *narrows eyes*
      I will see you at the stand at 10.01. I will be armed with fibre, and I will have my 32 friends with me. Some will have drop spindles. Be very afraid.
      I shall say no more. THAT is all.

      (PS: How do you feel about the Love Patisserie stand?)

      1. Elizabeth

        You and your drop spindles don’t scare me. I have a very point russian that’s always ready for a fight.

        (P.S. Love Patisserie? Also all mine, apart from the ones I don’t like.)

        1. kate Post author

          This is not going to end well but, given that neither of us can defend both stalls from the other successfully (we can try but we will fail, better just face it), I suggest we team up. They are usually next to each other; I’ll take one, you take the other and everyone else can just GO [significant pause] AWAY.

          (I could always borrow a Manx Loaghtan too. Very impressive horns.)

  5. claireinstitches

    You say that you need the money for oil, presumably to keep yourself warm? I’d argue that it would be better spent at Wonderwool buying yarn and fleece as both of these are dual purpose; they enable you to create wonderful items and if it gets too cold, could also be used to wrap yourself up in. This will be more environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, than a tank full of oil!

    As Builth is such a long drive from us in the Fens (honestly!) I have persuaded my friend that we need to go for the entire weekend so that I can also get an additional Wales fix – walking boots cleaned, waterproofed and ready to go 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      I can quite see your point about keeping warm with woolies, but you can’t afford to let an old Welsh cottage get damp – I know! A sweater for the house! That would a) use up my stash, and b) free up more money for yarn. Plus I could turn it into a tourist attraction….

      I think I will try and do two days next year, then that way I wouldn’t feel obliged to buy everything in the entire hall within an hour of entry. You are going to have such a wonderful time – now we need to make sure that the weather stays as good as it was last year. Fingers and everything else crossed!

  6. islandthreads

    lol you make me think of the film shopaholic!!!!
    love the idea of a wooly cosy for your cottage yarn boming at it’s best me thinks 😉

    it looks wonderful and I have dual feelings a) I’d love, love, love to be there, b) it’s a good thing I won’t be as I’d spend, spend, spend!!

    only 11 days to gooooo…… Frances

    1. kate Post author

      Stop it with your 11 nights – you’re not even going, you’re safely miles and miles away! Seriously, it is a lovely show, I’m thinking there should be a more local equivalent: SuperSkein Scotland, perhaps?

      Our knit and natter met last night – final one before the show. We were fixing up lifts to the place where we’re meeting our coach, and it’s only fair to add that there was a certain amount of mass squeaking involved, so it’s not just me…

    1. kate Post author

      And next year will be even better because both of us will feel better!

      (Can I, at the least, bring you a Scotch egg? Providing there are any left, that is…)


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