Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, its…

Mad Blurry Knitting Woman…

(Or maybe the Sand People discovered a new wool shop in Mos Eisley. Just a thought…)

I’ve finished the bag part of the circular-knitted, yet-to-be-felted bag in Noro Kureyon (for that’s what it is, my lovelies), and here it is being modelled – rather more clearly, even if still upside-down – by the lovely Doris.

I still have 85,000,000 miles of i-cord to knit, and I think it’s doing strange things to my mind. (No, really?) It’s akin to the Shawl of Doom, only this is the Feckin’ i-cord of Fate.

I was thinking that perhaps I was going to be able to manage without the second operation, my hands were doing so well. But that was then, BIC. Before i-cord. Watch this space…


10 thoughts on “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

  1. Lydia

    We are all at the mercy of the Feckin’i-cord of Fate!! Well, maybe.. anyway look after your hands.. the bag is looking good… I am between projects which is making me rather edgy as I try and decide what to knit next – ridiculous really.

    1. kate Post author

      I hate that ‘between projects’ stage – good luck. What you need is several things on the go at once, so you always have a WIP to hand – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Can I recommend the Shawl of Doom?

      (Well, maybe not…)

      1. Lydia

        I must break out of the ‘you are only allowed to knit one thing at a time’ thing… a few projects on the go would be excellent – even The Shawl Of Doom!”. We have just had two massive cyclonic winter storms over here and no power for three days – back now though. The storms streak across the Indian Ocean and smash over the coast every now and again…

        1. kate Post author

          Go for it! (But don’t blame me when you’ve got 85 things on the needles and can’t find the pattern for the 63rd…)

          I’m glad it’s not just us experiencing this weird weather. I’m going to put my bag back over my head, huddle up to the stove and watch a DVD of The Day After Tomorrow…

    1. kate Post author

      They are – I go through real Noro phases, and I’m always pleased with how it looks when felted, too. (I did run out of yarn – deliberately – and had to do a rim in Jamieson’s chunky, which is what I’m doing the i-cord – aggggghhhhhhhh – in.)

      I just noticed that there’s a nasty jog in there – how can I have missed that when I was knitting? It wasn’t a change of ball, I worked those all in; must have been a sudden Noro change. Hopefully felting will blur it…

  2. knitsofacto

    I have been in debate with someone else about Noro … it always looks so good, so I buy it and then don’t enjoy knitting it! Clearly just me. As to the Feckin’ i-cord of Fate … you need a Knitting Nancy m’dear!

    1. kate Post author

      Grrrrrrrrr. Thank you so much for the Knitting Nancy suggestion. I now have over a metre of the uetwy78evwbdyciluwyvbeaulrbv i-cord and it’s too jweyhqwiuwebxiqw late to jasdhbcejkwcb stop now. Wurrrrrrr……

      No, I’m with you a bit on the Noro thing – I find some of their yarns rather hard work, but it does depend on the yarn (and perhaps even on the colour way – the last lot of Kureyon was worse than this lot. Mind you, you do get twigs, etc – but as a spinner, I’ve encountered worse.

  3. Lindsay

    Don’t you love how we’ve all picked up on that wonderful expression ‘Fecking I-cord of Fate’?! How perfectly it sums it up (and this from a woman who has only ever done about 6 inches of the stuff) The colours in your bag are delicious and i look forward to seeing the finished fecking felted masterpiece.

    1. kate Post author

      Oh, doesn’t it? I hate TFICOF, I’m never doing a FIC again, and that’s despite being rescued by a kind friend and fellow spinner who took it off me, swapped it onto some bamboo dpns (fantastic) and did about half a metre for me. It must be long enough… but no. It’s supposed to have a double shoulder strap – and I probably need another metre or so. Agh. Agh. Agh.

      Why do we do this to ourselves? Why? Why?


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