I’m back… with a warning…

and with lots of thanks to bloggy friends who’ve helped with suggestions for my WordPress problem. I’m sorted out – or I am as long as I use Firefox. Phew…

So while I get my act together and prepare a proper post, I’ll just mention these for anyone who has missed them in the new (early fall, eek) edition of Designer Knits:

They are cabled all over and knitted, for photography, in bright blue. Even the model appears embarrassed and is trying to hide them with her clutch bag, which is why I only picked them up as I leafed through the patterns at the back.

And yes, they are for an adult. Nevertheless, please do not, repeat NOT, knit these.

Have these people never heard of Golden Hands?


4 thoughts on “I’m back… with a warning…

    1. kate Post author

      Am definitely back. Actually I was lying about WordPress, I just had to undergo therapy after I found the shorts (not)….

      I hardly dare look on Ravelry to see if anyone’s knitted them. Eek.

    1. kate Post author

      I am sooo sorry. I realise you may now need years of expensive therapy (as do I) but I feel certain we could prove Conde Nast’s liability in a court of law. Class action, anyone?


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