Happy St David’s Day – but even so…

and Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus, too.

Saint’s Day or not, there’s no excuse for some things. These, incidentally, are supposed to be for a Barbie-type doll. Looks more like Sindy to me (anyone?). Hmm:


Note the inability to grapple with knitted flags – well, if a thing’s worth doing… And I find the position of the dolls’ eyes, quite frankly, worrying. But then I always found dolls worryingly sinister (except for my Big Mary, Little Mary and Judith, who were perfect). Even if they’re knitted:

No squared

Hmm squared. Either the wee Scots lassie is wearing a nappy or she’s had an accident.

Have a lovely St David’s Day, and don’t forget to feed your local dragon. Any more of these patterns, and that could be me.


6 thoughts on “Happy St David’s Day – but even so…

  1. karibu57

    Happy St. David’s day to you too 🙂 What food are Dragon’s particularily partial to? just so I can make sure to feed them the right stuff 😉

    1. kate Post author

      And to you!

      Well, this particular dragon likes smoked salmon and a single malt, but there you go. I daresay they make do on chocolate…

  2. pictfamily

    I’d say Sindys, definitely got as pneumatic as current Barbies. They’re obviously eying with trepidation a dragon that’s just out of shot.

  3. knitsofacto

    Definitely Sindy’s (it always worried me that that was spelt with an S!)

    The dragons in this corner of Wales run on porridge lately, well this one does anyway. The single malt and smoked salmon sound like much more fun!

    1. kate Post author

      Yes, me too. Strange doll, but markedly less strange than Barbie. I remember Tressy, too – she had a strange extending hairstyle which you could pull out of the top of her head. Mine broke when my brother pulled it too much and her head came off. Hmm.


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