Where has August gone? Hm?


What? It’s nearly the end of August? How can this be?

This is Sion, by the way, and he was purchased recently to accompany me when I go to spin in public. Unfortunately he’s not made of real wool, but I’ve been searching for ages and Spinning in Public Day is nearly upon us. September 21 for anyone who doesn’t know this momentous date, and some members of our Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers will be at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis, doing our wooly thang. Why is it not possible to find sheep toys made of sheep’s wool? Probably has something to do with washability, I guess.

Watch out for more of Sion, as time goes by. He doesn’t look like the sort of sheep who’ll be happy posing on one of my half-finished projects – need to do non-stretchy handles when I get round to it – for very long.  (Sion is pronounced ‘Shaun’, of course – I’d have liked to be less derivative, but apparently that’s his name. Or so I’m told…)

And I’ll leave you pondering that while I go bravely forth, equipped with water bottles and emergency rations, to do battle with the Bank Holiday traffic. I love living in Snowdonia, but it does go a bit bonkers on a Bank Holiday.


11 thoughts on “Where has August gone? Hm?

    1. kate Post author

      He’ll do the job, I’m sure, and I’ve not seen one with horns before. Plus if any passing child does spill something on him, he cane go in the wash. Carefully…

  1. sarahbutters

    There are lots of knitting patterns for sheep if you wanted to knit your own. I have a pattern to make Aardmans Shawn. I also have a Rowan pattern which I think was obtained from the free ones on their website which will make three distinct breeds from their own wool.

    1. kate Post author

      Thanks – I’ve got that Rowan pattern – I’d forgotten all about it! (Now I have to try and work out where I put it. Hm.) I was wondering about needle felting one – heaven only knows, I’ve enough fleece…. No needle felting stuff, mind, but that’s easily remedied.

    1. kate Post author

      Oh, that is SOOOOOO cute – and I love the fact that they are breed-specific! We should definitely do a cuddly Welsh Mountain, maybe a Black WM or a Badger Face…


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