Like vampires working in a blood bank…

Hee, hee – well, it is Halloween, after all.

Earlier this week a friend and I helped another friend. Like you do. Nothing wrong with that; friend in need of help has horrible bad back. All well and good.

Maybe I should mention a salient fact here. She also has a wool shop, stocking all sorts of goodies from Rowan, Designer Yarns (oh the Noro, the Noro!), Colinette, Woolcraft, Jarol, Sirdar, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (whimper) and some local handspun of a very high standard. It is closed on Mondays, and so this is the day when things get done. Like radical rearrangements of the shop.

into the bat cave

You see, the winter yarns needed to go out. The summer yarns, those brightly coloured cottons and linens and bamboos, needed shifting – or at least the ones that are no longer moving did (some, amazingly given the weather, are still selling) and replacing with woollier, warmer ones. All in all, not the best time to put your back out. A friend in need is a friend who needs an invasion, and we invaded. Under close instruction, of course. And supervision. Of course.

Boxes were found, plastic bags mustered,

closed shop

and wool-shop-owning friend was overpowered when she tried lifting things or bending down. It’s not a large space to rearrange – or rather it’s perfect, provided that you are organised, and you have to be organised. WSOF is organised. Helpers? One; yes, she’s organised. Me? Meh… The difficulty is that you have to fondle yarns, you just have to. You need to know how they’d feel on the needles. Honest. You can’t just slap them straight in a plastic bag and put them to one side like the recycling. Oh, no. They need care and attention, a bit like puppies except they don’t widdle on the carpet,

stroke me

even the ones that aren’t going into boxes.

Ahem. I may have become slightly light-headed. (No, really?)

But we did get stuck in eventually. Of course, as this was happening in the UK, the day had to be broken up by cups of tea (I remember the very first series of Big Brother; there was an international comparison after it ended, and whereas the Dutch – I think it was – had sex, the Brits just had lots of tea). But we needed to pause and assess. Oh yes, we did.

tea time

See? Pausing and assessing. (Cake was also involved.)

The chunky and super-chunky yarns had to swap position with the aran-weight ones which needed more space, and new and exciting lovelinesses were waiting for space on the shelves. Er, if they didn’t get bought first. I adore Rowan’s Kid Classic, and the new colours are just to die for. Particularly Grasshopper (the green one).

No. No. No. No.

Fortunately we had to work – possibly too much time spent on tea and cake? – and so they managed to get on the shelf without making a sidewards move. But I’ve got this shade mentally filed for future use; since I started spinning, I’ve become more abstemious about commercial yarn, but I couldn’t come near to reproducing Kid Classic. And then of course there’s Rowan’s Felted Tweed, another favourite – it didn’t need moving but it did need a friendly pat every so often. I have to resist that, too. (Nobody else I know seems to be doing too well resisting it, so I may have to join in at some point, just to be friendly.) I was also very tempted by a Sublime yarn. Sublime by name and sublime by nature – it’s called ‘luxurious aran tweed’ and is a delicious mix of 40% wool, 40% cotton – yup, cotton – and 20% llama. No – spinner though I am, I’m no handspun purist, me. Evidently.

Which was how this happened:

YUM x 10

I had a terrible attack of the Noros. You start to twitch slightly, your hand goes out almost unconsciously and you find yourself squeezing a doughnut of yarn, and the next thing you know you have your purse in your hand. I’m sure it’s not just me.

It’s Silk Garden Lite (ergh), in colourway 2065, and it’s going to become one of Sandra McIver’s beautiful jackets from Knit Swirl!I’m sure I’ll get my head around the unusual construction, which will be interesting in itself. If I don’t go bonkers casting on over 500 stitches and then trying not to twist them when I join to knit in the round.

Willpower? Moi???

(The shop, by the way, is Knit One in Dolgellau, 01341 422194, and it is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. But hands off the Kid Classic in Grasshopper. It’s stuck to the shelf with double-sided tape anyway.)


12 thoughts on “Like vampires working in a blood bank…

  1. croftgarden

    OK I give in I do have an obsession with beautiful yarns and my fingers started to twitch when I saw the Noro. It was foolish to look at the swirl jackets and the one skein wonders.Satan get behind me…………I will not start knitting again!

  2. knitsofacto

    I shall definitely have to pop in next time I’m over that way. And yes, a friend with a wool shop always deserves a helping hand, especially when there’s cake 😉

    1. kate Post author

      Oh, you must, it’s yummy. The thing that amazed me was that Friend provided the cake, like we needed tempting into helping….

  3. Eau de Nil

    If I’d been in the area, I’d have lived to help, but I fear I’d have done even worse at keeping my hands off and my purse unopened! Sorry to read that WSOF’s back is still bad.

    1. kate Post author

      Sooooo tempting, you wouldn’t believe… well, you clearly would, hee hee! Backs are a bit of a nightmare, aren’t they? Hopefully it will ease up soon…

  4. Beth P

    Oh My!!! Of course the yarn needs a little friendly pat every now and then! You brave girl you did fabulously well, I think anyway! I would have been in so much trouble… trouble, trouble, yes indeedy doo! I live right down the street from a place called Harrisville Designs and they are always looking for extra help to work in the store… now seriously, could you imagine?! I would never ever go home with a paycheck that’s for sure. Working in a place like that might even send me into a comma from over exposure to eye candy and bling! Did I mention the spinning wheels and the looms? Just awful for an addict to be allowed into such a place 😀
    Hugs and thanks for the smile… I needed it today! Oh and I promise not to even look in the direction of that yummy green! drool!! 😀

    1. kate Post author

      Believe me, I needed a will of iron. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there’d been more acrylic, but having to play with work with Rowan, Sublime, Louisa Harding, Noro – it was only the fact that I have plenty of stash and a mountain of fluff to spin that kept me from buying the whole lot. That and possible bankruptcy, of course…

      That green is GORGEOUS. I’m going to visit it later and make sure it’s all right without me…


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