Wonderwool approaches…

This time tomorrow I’ll be desperately trying to buy coffee somewhere in a crowded hall, surrounded by wool. I will either be a) so cold that I am wearing everything I have bought, up to and including obscure pieces of spinning equipment and back issues of magazines or b) so hot that I am putting everyone off their coffee, including myself, by wandering around in bra and pants. And walking boots – you’ve got to have comfortable feet.

Yup, it’s Wonderwool Wales time…


and this year I’m going. I’M GOING! Yippee!

Last year my health wouldn’t permit it; this year I’m much better (apart from **7^$8#35!!@ trigger finger, but hey). I’ve been saving up – all £2 coins go in my Winnie The Pooh money box (you mean you don’t have a Winnie The Pooh money box?) and I’ve accumulated nearly £70. Plus I’ve finally trained my brother to the point where he knows that Wonderwool falls just after my birthday, and therefore sends me money. Good boy, though of course I recognise the upside for him: it gets him out of – shhh – actually shopping.

However, entirely due to the fact that I need new shock absorbers – no, not me, my car, though come to think of it I could do with some too – I’m not buying anything. OK?

I’m certainly not buying one of these:


and, despite alpaca temptation, I am not buying one of these either:

hello alpaca

And, alas, I’m not buying any of this,


because House of Hemp / Eye of the Sun aren’t on the exhibitors list. I know they were up for sale, but I can’t work out if they still exist and if so, under which name. It’s probably just as well, though. Even though the colours were fantabulosa, I’ve seldom sworn as much, as often or as creatively as I did when knitting my lacy hemp cardigan. But there you go.

I might be buying some of this:


Garthenor’s lovely organic wool. They often have beautiful garments hanging on their stand which inspire me, but I tend to demur at the cost when I spin organic wool anyway. This time, however, I may give in. I just love the colours of natural wool, which is one reason (the other is having the willpower of a maggot) why I struggle to get into the spare room. When you get the chance to buy a really good coloured fleece, you grab it. Well, I do.

And I will undoubtedly be watching this at some point:

sheepwalk 2012

The ‘sheepwalk’. This photo was taken in 2012, and I can’t think why none of the models wore full Arctic clothing (it was a wee bit on the chilly side). Or, when in close proximity to so much fleece, why they didn’t seize the chance to stuff some down their clothing. Boy, was it cold. I wore the skeins I’d bought as a scarf. So if you’re going to Wonderwool Wales and you see a madwoman who is almost spherical due to wearing a fleece rather than carrying it (or, alternatively, a semi-nudist in walking boots) do say hi. It’ll be me. Or possibly one of about 3,000 other nutters knitters.

Overexcited, moi???


20 thoughts on “Wonderwool approaches…

  1. VP

    Tee hee. We have West Kington nurseries open at the weekend. They’re mahoosive and usually sell only to the trade, but for 2 weekends/year they let the public in. I’m going and I’m ready to buy, which means I shall probably go mad and buy enough plants to restock the whole garden, rather than the one bed that is my intention.

    Have a wonderful time and show us yer stash when you get back!

      1. VP

        Came home with a wheelbarrow full, but at half price it would have been rude not to!

        Hope your trip went well 🙂

        1. kate Post author

          Ahem. Yes. I suppose I always knew that things were going to get bought. Am avoiding Crug Farm plant fair next weekend in penance (also mate had exhibition opening at same time, makes it easier).

  2. Elaine

    This is so exciting!! Every country has their Woolly Festivals and ours are starting up next month I think. How can you turn away from all the lovely colors of handpainted yarn/roving? There’s always one more small space to hide/stash it. That sheep has a lovely coat that would keep a Wonder Spinner going for quite a while and Llama Baby’s fleece looks pretty good too! I am in my au naturel color range for spinning now, having o.d. on too much dyed wool. Have a wonderful time and let us know, by pictures and words, what you find and end up wearing!!

  3. Elaine

    Actually, I realize I mis-spoke and that she is actually Alpaca Baby. I have about 3 lbs. of roving to mix with something else because it stretches so badly in a finished garment. Any suggestions for the mix? %? e

    1. kate Post author

      Quite a few of my friends have carded it with other fleeces – a Gotland was very successful, but I don’t know how it knitted up… Looked gorgeous, mind…

    1. kate Post author

      I think the friend who is doing the driving might have a view on that (she’s already expressed a very certain opinion on the transport of too many scotch eggs, though she didn’t define how many was too many – there are a few food stalls as well).

    1. kate Post author

      I’m amazed you don’t – given that like us, you have considerably more sheep than people, plus you are the home of Ashford and their spinning wheels, possibly the most popular wheels worldwide. Maybe you should start something!

        1. kate Post author

          That’s roughly how WOnderwool got started, I think… worth investigating, but I suspect the downside is that the organisers don’t get to wander around very much…

  4. Lydia

    Have a great day out – it seems to me from Over Here that your weather will be heaps better than last year when it was so cold. I will be there vicariously so would love to know all about it in a future post??? What better way to spend the day I cannot think….


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