Intermission…. dee deee doo doooo

I’m still distracted. At the moment I have been mostly doing housework. No, I’ve not lost my mind, but my hands are almost behaving so I can do the hoovering, plus the dust is so thick that I can make little dustcastles out of it and I don’t particularly want to turn into Quentin Crisp (‘There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.’).

This means that I have another splendid opportunity for distraction, and I’ve found some late 1980s French pattern mags again. Hid behind sofa for a while in the realisation that I knitted some things from them. And wore them in public. The saving grace is that I was always really rubbish at intarsia, so I didn’t go down that route…

But it’s really sunny, and I’m feeling the need to cast on, nevertheless:


Question: do you think the shoulder pads were knitted as well?



4 thoughts on “Intermission…. dee deee doo doooo

  1. knitsofacto

    Oh dear. That’s all I’m saying.

    One of the whippets hides behind the sofa whenever he’s run off with something he knows he shouldn’t have. I darn’t hide stash there any more … what’s a knitter to do when that option is lost?

    1. kate Post author

      I was at a friend’s house, and her collie suddenly appeared, shooting down the stairs and hiding behind the sofa (bottom sticking out – she’s a big dog and not a silly pup). My friend ran upstairs and discovered her old teddy bear. Shredded…

  2. Carina

    Shoulder pads … I have not seen (or thought about) those in a looong time. Of course, we would have them. Always! In a sweater, stuck under bra-straps when wearing a blouse, even under a t-shirt. Sometimes they would move. Uncontrollably. All of a sudden, I am travelling back in time – you made my day, thank you! 🙂 Get better soon!!

    1. kate Post author

      They are so scary, and yet we all wore them… I just found some old shots from a 1980s wedding and everyone – well, OK, not the men – has big shaggy backcombed hair and HUGE shoulder pads. How anyone got through a door beats me.


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