From one solstice to another…

My researches into coloured sheep continue apace, and I think my stupid hand is recovering  – a little. Typical: you improve enormously, go to the wonderful specialist physio, she says ‘great, carry on what you’re doing and I’ll discharge you’, and then you **** up by doing too much because your hand doesn’t hurt like it did, grumble, grumble…

So let’s have a non-woolly post until I can write properly and start droning on about sheep again (hee hee). There is an upside – I’ve been enjoying the amazing weather, and I hope everyone else has been similarly blessed. Though if the Weather Gods are listening, I wouldn’t mind a little rain, preferably at night, to fill up the water butts. OK? (And if the Style Gods are listening, perhaps they could do something about the enormously hairy fat man shopping in Barmouth Co-op’s fresh veg section in teeny weeny trunks and flip-flops and nothing else? Quite put me off my salad. Plus at first I thought he was naaaked...)

What a contrast to the December solstice, when we were buffeted by rain, storms, winds, floods and general meteorological mayhem,


up to and including hurricane-force winds, though at least people kept their clothes on while shopping for food. Now I like storms – used to climb on the roof of the croft when I was a kid to get closer to them – but that was scary. In contrast the summer solstice was marked by cloudless skies, warm – even hot – weather, and seas you can swim in (presumably the reason for the teeny trunks). In Snowdonia. This early in the year.

Not me, mind, I’m not that mad. But I did have a paddle.

We went down to the beach to celebrate the solstice by marvelling at the weather (all of us), watching dauntless swimmers in amazement and horror (all of us), and eating crunchy sausages so hot from the barbecue that they got dropped (just me, and dropping not eating, that is). It was beautiful:



So here’s a quick summer solstice (just-click-on-one-for-a) slideshow. The beach is Llandanwg near Harlech, the rounded hill is called Moelfre which means ‘baldy’, basically, and I’ve no idea who the man with a surfboard for a head is. If it’s you and you mind, I was only on holiday here and I really live in Ulan Bator…

Oh, I have to add something woolly. Imagine a Fair Isle in the sunset colours… yes, please! Wonder what I’ve got in the stash?


6 thoughts on “From one solstice to another…

  1. Elaine

    Such lovely photos. Yes, indeed!! A Fair Isle Sunset Sweater would be great. Perhaps we could all use Felix Ford’s technique of “seeing” the designs through pictures/objects.
    Our Summer Solstice (yesterday) was uneventful with severe thunder/rain storms in the evening and flash flooding.

    1. kate Post author

      In reverse order – that is not my definition of uneventful. Uneventful is when the most exciting thing is dropping your sausage in the sand. Yikes!

      I’ve often seen designs through the natural world (I once envisaged an autumn wood as an intarsia sweater but fortunately executing it was well beyond my ability at the time), and I do agree. There are so many sources of inspiration, it quite depresses me when I learn that many customers in wool shops will only buy yarn the same colour as the photographs in the pattern books or magazines… and finally, glad you liked the pics – it helps living here rather than in Streatham. No refection on Streatham, lived there happily for several years, but it lacks the seascapes.

      1. Elaine

        I like to cut a square opening in an index card and slide it over a lovely picture to “find” the ideal section for making Fair Isle designs. Making those little squares is quite fun.
        Your landscape is quite awesome and dreamy. I hope there was a pooch to grab your sandy sausage!!

        1. kate Post author

          That’s a good idea – when I studied photography, back in the days of film (last days, apart from enthusiasts, it turned out) we spent ages doing something similar with our hands – making a frame shape – and holding them up against a view. I’d not thought of applying it to knitting, but why not?

          I’m afraid I wiped the sand off the sausage and ate it myself … it wasn’t too bad, honest!

  2. knitsofacto

    If you’re barbecuing sausages on the beach sand ingestion is compulsory. Lovely sunset … I was watching the same one, just from a little further inland 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      It was a really good one, wasn’t it? I’ve spent midsummers on the beach in winter coat and drizzle before now…


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