Loving the details

I’ve just started a new Pinterest account on which I can indulge my passion for fibre and flowers (as opposed to my business one, which is slightly diverted from the path of righteousness by wool). It’s not worth looking at yet, but as soon as it’s built up a bit I’ll make sure I share it.

I started a board called ‘knitting – details’ as it struck me how often I fail to look really closely at what I produce. Once it’s finished, that is – I scrutinise it quite finely as I work, of course. And I wanted to celebrate the sheer joy of it, instead of seeking out any dropped stitches and minor errors (the major ones soon make themselves known), so I’ve been enjoying myself with some close-ups.

First, Colinette. Point Five, I think – found in a charity shop, knitted into a jumper and then rapidly frogged when I realised I looked like the Michelin Man in it. It’s now a throw.

Colinette throw

Muted, but shot through with colour.

Not so muted:

Fair Isle

The sleeve and body of a Fair Isle cardigan, knitted in Rowan’s Cotton Glace. Love the sleeve detail, and I just take it for granted. To the extent that it sometimes comes with dried bread dough as an extra.

And now for some garter stitch:


It’s a Hitchhiker, and it was knitted as a present. I’m not quite sure how I managed to give it away, I loved the colour changes so much.

Now for more mutedness (is that a word?):


The reverse side of the cardigan I’m wearing as I type this. Maybe I should have made it up the other way round…

Finally, It’s a chilly morning. Pull up your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and warm your hands on this:


It’s Noro, of course, knitted with some Kidsilk Haze for not-entrely-superfluous extra luxury and yumminess. Actually, it’s too wide for a realistic scarf and too short for a stole and it needs reknitting, but I haven’t the heart.

So take a close look at your knitting and enjoy! (It helps if you’re supposed to be working and are looking for something more interesting to do, by the way, while the  builders next door appear to be digging to Australia so enthusiastically that it’s difficult to concentrate on anything.)

Incidentally – I’m always surprised by the number of Woolwinding images on Pinterest: thanks for sharing!


6 thoughts on “Loving the details

  1. Annie

    I think it’s why I’ve always enjoyed knitting lace so much, the detail. But lately I seem to have a mitten obsession, of the Latvian kind, a different kind of detail and I’m loving it very much.

    1. kate Post author

      It’s lovely, isn’t it? We all need to pay more attention to the detail of our work – well, I do, anyway. It needs appreciating more…

  2. Heather

    Great detail pics. I always think patterns should include more of them too! About the chevron pattern. I love those yo around the spine, can you tell me what pattern that is from? Thanks!

    1. kate Post author


      I took the pattern from a stitch dictionary – and true to form I can’t find my notes to tell me exactly which. It’s a variation on Chevron Lace, and I think it came from Mary THomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns. Most of the ones I use for scarves do – but many stitch dictionaries include something like it… sorry not to be more helpful, but if I find my notes I’ll let you know more!

      1. Heather

        I think I could figure it out. Right now, I’m following a chevron pattern which has mirror m1l, m1r on each side of two stockinette stitches. So I think if I add one more stitch and use yo instead of the m1 stitches it could work!
        Thanks for sharing these detail pics 🙂


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