Poleaxed by plague

Oh, OK, it’s a bad cold. Well, one with added bronchitis and a cough that can probably be heard in Ulan Bator, but hey. I am feeling somewhat sorry for myself – especially since this week was supposedly a week off for a family visit over half term. Instead of which I have probably achieved nothing other than to give my nearest and dearest their worst colds of the winter. Nice.

But stop – I have also achieved this:


I know, it looks like small furry animal all curled up like that. Soft and fuzzy – which, according to a recent wildlife documentary, is the essence of cute. Admittedly so are big, front-facing eyes which this has not got, but – hm, maybe I’be had too much Ventolin.

It’s actually a cowl,


A double-moss-stitch moebius cowl, to be exact, and it will end up as one of my simple patterns on Ravelry (and here) eventually. It’s part of my determined effort to use up my stash, and specifically the huge amount of lovely angora mix I bought at Wonderwool ahem years ago, and which hasn’t quite found its way into a finished garment. It’s being used double, which means it knits up really quickly.

And I’ve started another variation on the theme. I was going to repeat the moss-stitch but in my current befuddled, be-Ventolined, be-Paracetamolled condition I was unable to cope with the complexities of the pattern (!). So this is a displaced rib, as it were, and I’m loving the texture:

ribbed cowl

Again, I’m using yarn from the stash and again I’m using it double. This is a Queensland DK, 100% pure Merino, very lovely. There were no dye lots, because it’s a small dye-run, totally artisan product, and they suggest you do what is, in effect, a Colinette – knit with two balls, using them alternately every two rows. Tried that: stripes. Marked stripes. My skeins are very different,

different colours of yarn

as is glaringly obvious – in this case, one brownish, one greyish. Using them double is the perfect solution, and so they have been rescued from the ‘Feck this, you’re going to a charity shop’ bin. I don’t need all these cowls (in theory), but there’s going to be a designer-makers’ fair focusing on fabric and fibre in Harlech in the summer, and they’ll make good stock. I’m hoping it won’t be the sort of summer to require 100% Merino cowls, but that people will instead buy them for Christmas.

In the meanwhile, life in this village is a bit like the ‘bring out your dead’ scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (and it’s not just me: someone I know said working at a nearby surgery ATM was like ‘working in a bucket of rats’). Now Monty P: that’s something I might watch. Either that or the box set of The  Nazis: A Warning from History. Not that I’m getting depressed about the forthcoming election, oh no. I’m depressed about there being another eleven weeks of pointless point-scoring and bitching and bickering and silly repetitious sound bites and spin doctors and slanted media and far too many ******** politicians. AGH!

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!



20 thoughts on “Poleaxed by plague

  1. croftgarden

    Oh dear, Oh dear you are in a bad way. Nothing than a dose of sunshine won’t cure and I hope you get better soon.
    If you have the strength look at my Wordless Wednesday post, I thought of you when I look the photograph!

    1. kate Post author

      I’ve seen it – what a beauty. Cheeky looking, though… I’d watch that sheep closely, myself!

      Definitely need sun. So much to do – got all the winter garden jobs to finish, plus there’s work, plus my course, plus – agh, where’s the whisky?

  2. Elaine

    What would we do without you and your wonderful humor?!!!
    Cowl is quite pretty and new yearn is too.

    Feel better .
    Happy New Year of the Sheep!!

    1. kate Post author

      Hah – thank you! And happy new sheep year to you too!

      How could I start the year of the sheep by being ill? Is there something I should think about here? Am I being told to go cold sheep and take up something like women’s rugby instead? Er, no.

      1. Elaine

        You’ll have to try some of the sheep remedies you have mentioned in previous posts!!
        There must be one for the plague.

    1. kate Post author

      I’d better feel better quickly or I want to know why not (I’m getting to the belligerent stage now, perhaps it’s just as well that the family leave today)… grumble…

      PS: also the bad writing stage. ‘Better feel better’????? Agh….

  3. Helen

    “They’re not dead yet!”, “You’re not fooling anyone you know.” Maybe some of them just need to be clunked on the head?

    1. kate Post author

      ‘I can’t take him like this, it’s against regulations..’

      I think my favourite part of the film, though, is probably the knights who say ‘Ni’. Though there is Dennis, the proto-Marxist peasant (‘you can’t expect to wield executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you’), the witch-weighing, Sir Robin and his bloodthirsty minstrels… Oh, how could I forget – Sir Galahad and the tower of maidens. Um, ‘maidens’. And, yes, I have got a copy of the script….


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