Silence is golden… and my broadband is irritating

Apologies for the lack of activity, but the fact is that since before Easter our broadband has been abominable. Partly this is down to the massive population explosion – all with phones and tablets and laptops and even smart TVs in their caravans – that Snowdonia experiences in any holiday season, and partly this is down to ancient cabling.

I’ve been largely reliant on free broadband in cafés – and pleasant though this may be, it’s not really an environment conducive to peaceful, thoughtful, incisive blogging about sheep. You get comments, apart from anything else. But on Monday the road is being excavated on behalf of BT Broadband for new ducting and ‘improvements’. This is essentially happening because there are some new houses being built, but I’m hoping there’ll be an upside for the rest of us. We shall see.

In the meanwhile, this is me and Rumplestiltskin waiting for a site to load:

Rumpelstiltskin / BTI suppose I could do some housework.

Normal service will be resumed shortly… gobeithio (extremely useful Welsh word, meaning ‘hopefully’). Hopefully.

(And as an indication, it has just taken me nearly an hour to post this, and that’s without searching for the image; I had it in my files. AGH!)


10 thoughts on “Silence is golden… and my broadband is irritating

  1. Lydia

    Hope the new houses will fit in with where you live. Over Here our Broadband comes and goes on a temperamental whim… I have enrolled in some Craftsy classes and frustratingly they keep stopping and starting which leads me to abandon all creative energy to the ether!

    1. kate Post author

      We’re in the National Park, so there’s been quite a lot of control over what’s being done and it’s looking good so far – but they are fitted into a smallish plot, so very little space for gardens, etc. Which means the residents will be in all the time playing on t’internet, ;-)…

      I tried Craftsy too – ditto!

  2. Elaine

    You and Rumpy hang in there!! At least the squirrels aren’t nibbling on the lines like they do here sometimes throwing everything in an uproar.

    1. kate Post author

      That is a plus – when I was down in London I used to use Farringdon Station, and remember trains being horribly disrupted for ages because rats had been eating the wires, so at least you have squirrels rather than rats. There’s always an upside to everything (in my case, increased availability of cake).

  3. Spade & Dagger

    We got brand new gas pipes joined right up to the gas meter. Unfortunately, we had no internet or telephone to while away the time while they did the work – because they cut through all the wires…..

  4. croftgarden

    Oh the joys of the rural idyll – unreliable, pedestrian broadband, frequent power outrages (swans have left so no more excuses about birds hitting power lines), no gas, plenty of water but not always from the mains. Do I long for the conveniences and infrastructure of a city? Not really, but sometimes maybe…………….

    1. kate Post author

      With us it’s not swans so much as tourists. And they are flocking back here.

      Yup, no gas here either so checking energy tariffs produces possible a reduction of about 2p; occasional water outages because the nearest engineer if anything goes wrong is in Aberystwyth, a billion miles away in the wrong direction; always having to spell everything on the phone to things like car insurers, often twice, and then having to put up with remarks about Welsh having no vowels (it does, they’re just not all the same as your vowels, you monoglot person, you); road works. I know they have those in cities too, but I’ve just been through four sets in a 10-mile trip. Trying to get stuff done before our ‘swans’ return.

      I wouldn’t go back, mind!


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