Nearly, nearly!

This time next week I’ll be somewhere else. That somewhere else will probably be the M6 northbound, but I’m heading further.

There will be boats:


There’ll be places for boats to tie up:


That’s because there’ll be rather a lot of sea:


There will be a fair amount of archaeology:


There will be, I expect, quite a lot of this sort of thing:

eating in the car

and this sort of thing:

sunsetThough the sunsets are going to happen very late at night indeed.

Guessed yet?

There will, undoubtedly, be an awful lot of weather, and when I say ‘weather’ I mean weather, and that’s weather with knobs on, from mist to rain to howling gales to bright sun and back to mist, all in one day:


The place where a calm day is a day ‘between weathers’…

Noss and Bressay


I’m going back to Shetland, I’m going back to Shetland, nah nah, nah nah… (dances round room). It’s OK, I’ll calm down soon. The M6 will probably dissipate a lot of my enthusiasm.

Pics, from the top: Leebitton; Hamnavoe; St Ninian’s Isle; Jarlshof; a pit stop at Frankies, the best fish and chop shop in the known universe and also Brae; sunset looking north from Leebitton; the Drongs; and the sea with Bressay and Noss on the horizon. And, incidentally, the matriarch on the blog header was photographed near Hamnavoe, between Meal beach and Hamnavoe.

And I must not buy too much wool. Or fluff. Or books about wool. Or books about fluff.

(Define how much is too much…)


30 thoughts on “Nearly, nearly!

  1. sawp2013

    Have a wonderful trip! If you’re driving, don’t forget to call in on your way past, or call me to meet up with you at a convenient motorway services or other stop-off in Cumbria that appeals to you 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      I’m sure we’ll have a great time… First stop northwards is Dundee, then Aberdeen, then WOOOOOO. Back, somewhat shell-shocked, possibly via Edinburgh and a meeting. Or possibly straight down, totally broke and utterly shattered. Who can tell?

  2. croftgarden

    Inspired choice there is no where better than the northern isles, apart from the western isles! Do have a lovely holiday, but take your thermals the spring hasn’t arrived in the north of Scotland yet!

    1. kate Post author

      Not that you’re remotely biased, cough, cough! But I quite agree, am so looking forward to being there again. And almost the simmer dim, too… sigh…

      I don’t think much of spring has really arrived here, either. I’m back in my big jumper and the heating clicked on this morning. I’ve been looking at the temps in Lerwick – let alone outside – and thinking thermals.

      1. croftgarden

        Wrap up warmly, eat lots of lovely comfort food and brave the weather, it will be glorious. Wonderful light in June, the time of the neverending opalescent twilight. Today the sun’s out, squally showers, and at least 10C – , almost tropical if you can shelter from the wind!

        1. kate Post author

          You got to 10 degrees! I went down into Barmouth at about midday and – according to the car – it was only 9. And there’s a cutting wind. Friend in Burghead reports fresh snow on the mountains, so I think we’d better be prepared for anything.

          I’m really looking forward to June – the closest I’ve got to midsummer in Shetland is late May. Mind you, I remember reading outside the croft in Sutherland at about 10.30 in midsummer when I was about 12 – and we’re going to be much further north. Woooooooo. (Slaps self on wrist. Must get on with work!)

  3. Lydia

    I think I’ll dance around the room too your excitement is so real! How wonderful – a trip to Shetland, a place I can only dream of from the other side of the world. Have just the best time and yes, buy lots of wool, and lots of fleece, and lots of whatever makes your heart sing.

    1. kate Post author

      It’s partly the thought of just having a holiday, of course – but a holiday with lots of woolliness is just perfect. Last time I was there my hands were too bad to knit and I still managed to spend a small fortune… Eek!

    2. kate Post author

      I’m busy chasing invoices at the moments from some late-paying clients so I can go mad. No, save it all against a rainy day. Save it. Save it…. agh…

  4. Breien in Oost

    It is funny how in several countries it is highway number 6 leading to the splendid north. I just spent time on the north coast of spain. Beautiful rocky coastline with many secluded beaches and loads of mussels. Got there over the A6. Same in the Netherlands…

    1. kate Post author

      I’d not bought about that before – isn’t it odd? Mind you, I suppose they also can be looked at in the other direction: taking people from the north southwards…

  5. Deb Mc.

    Have a lovely time! I just returned last week. Yes – weather with knobs on, and Frankies (peerie haddock), and sheep, and knitterly things, and long slow twilights! Part of my trip was the Shetland Textile Tour run by Andy Ross of Global Yell. Great fun, though a mind-numbing flight from the US.

    1. kate Post author

      Wow, lucky you – sounds fabulous. At least our flight is only an hour from Aberdeen (nothing on earth would get me on board a Northlink ferry which must be comparable in time at 12-14 hours – though my objection is more related to stability than time taken, I’ve seen the videos and spoken to too many traumatised friends).

      Glad to know Frankies is still on form!

    1. kate Post author

      heee heee heee… When I left last time I started making plans for my return (and spent far too long on Rightmove, but that one ran out of steam in the face of practicality). Expect a Groundhog Day effect…

    1. kate Post author

      It is wonderful – and I’m wondering whether I can get over to Mousa this time too (that will depend on weather, I suspect). But you can see the brooch there well from Leebitton, even if the weather’s mad. And there’s Scatness, too, and Clickhimin. I need a month!

  6. Diane Head

    I think I know how excited you are, because I will be visiting Shetland in September (knocking it off the bucket list), and prior to that I am visiting Iceland and Scotland, including the Hebrides and the Orkneys! As well as wool gathering, I will be what we in NZ call “tramping” or what you call “rambling” or “hiking”. So perhaps we will be able to compare notes.
    Have a marvellous time.

    1. kate Post author

      Oh, fantastic – have a wonderful time yourself! And Iceland, too, on my own bucket list, as is NZ. That has got to be my next aim – Iceland, that is. Might take me a bit longer to save for NZ!

      Tramping in Shetland – hmm, beware avian attacks (I’m not struck on being spat at / dive-bombed by skuas which happened to me last time after I decided to have a solo explore). I have one word for you: hat. OK, two: good hat. And easily washable clothing. Bleagh.

    1. kate Post author

      I’m looking forward to getting there without committing murder. Ho Ho Ho. (Baggage allowance discussion, part the third.)

      No, it’ll be fine. Pre-holiday takes people in different ways. I’m just eating the fridge – pickled herring and yoghurt, anyone? – while other people have already packed. Have yet to find my bag.


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