This was bound to happen…

I’m not really here. Well, I am, but I’m trying to write a quick post on my iPad which is driving me a bit mad. I’m also ensconced in a cosy but Scandi-smart cottage in Hoswick, about 12 miles south of Lerwick.

So – Shetland is, as usual, fab. The wool is amazing, I want to buy every single thing in the revamped Jamieson of Shetland’s shop in Lerwick and take it somewhere quiet… where I can knit the first serious (if somewhat unconventional) Fair Isle that I have had on the needles for ages and ages. More later, but for the moment here are my colour choices:

Jamiesons DK for fair isle

They were chosen to reflect – allegedly – the colours of the Shetland coast. Startling highlights of blue and bright green, mossy greens, peaty colours, the almost black and monochrome of the rocks in places and – natch – blues.

And it’s a DK. A fine DK, but a DK nonetheless. I hope this implies a certain realism about my hands, but actually it’s just because the pattern I’m going with – Orkney, from Rowan – is also knitted in a fine DK. Fingers crossed! Er, not tooooo tightly…


14 thoughts on “This was bound to happen…

    1. kate Post author

      Cardi (and possibly something else with the bits). Eaudenil added the link in a comment which my iPad would’t let me stick in the text… Do have a look. Hopefully it will work!

      1. Sue

        You’re welcome! I sometimes think iPads should have been called fPads for all the swearing they occasion.

  1. Elaine spinningsheepfeathers

    I just looked Orkney up. What a beautiful sweater!! I did manage to knit Kate
    Davies’ Peerie Flooers so perhaps ready to tackle a bigger stranded color project.

  2. Lydia

    Oh, ooh, a visit to Jamiesons… have you moved in? You are now in the knitters heaven…. have the best of times… enjoy knitting your glorious colours gazing across those serene often windy views…. rug up in a woolly. Say, hello, to the sheep…. I am just thrilled for you to be there.

    1. kate Post author

      Wish I had!

      Just done trial pack to see if we have to pop into Lerwick and post extras back instead of paying Loganair excess. Ahem. Will need container ship.


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