Oh, not again!

Why do things happen in clumps? I mean, when one thing happens – say someone reversing into your car – why is it then followed by other things? And why do these things happen when you’re already busy?

(Warning: there is no, or very little, actual knitting content in this post. There aren’t even any sheep. Because when other things were going pear-shaped, at least the knitting held up. And nobody actually reveresed into my car. I reversed it into a fence post getting out of the way of a caravan – it’s December, people, FFS – but it was slow and nothing was damaged.)

All in all, I needed a bit of refreshment. So, dealing with Disaster 3, I decided to take the back way to the big city – that would be Bangor – and get a bit of a reminder that there were good things too.


This is Nant Gwynant, and it is so beautiful…

So, Thing 1. Just before work, I went into the bathroom. The sink was full of glass, broken glass. First thought? I’d broken a tooth glass. Second thought? I do not have a tooth glass.

Looked up. Inner layer of Velux window had failed.

Spend ages putting cardboard up so more glass does not descend, place hoover across door so don’t forget about glass, go to work. Come back, replace cardboard which has fallen down, hoover glass. Repeat three hours later. Repeat next morning, before ringing home insurance. Apparently there was a product recall for these windows manufactured at a certain time. Ring Velux. My window is one. Will be replaced. Fast forward a few days, man from Velux appears. Replaces bathroom window. Checks massive double Velux in kitchen roof – and they need doing too. It’s about 4 metres up, but he’s prepared though a little surprised. (I am trying to work, meanwhile, and there is some, er, disruption.)

Time for pretty pic.


OK, Thing 2. Have heating engineer here trying to work out why one rad has stopped working. This is going smoothly, even though it involves a hosepipe through the front door and black gunk in the garden, when my MacBook Pro decides to have a kernel panic.

This is my first. Run around room shouting ‘someone’s taken over my computer!!!’ until I stop and see the giveaway screen box on top of the chaos. Restart MBP. All seems well, but am not fooling self – really need extra memory. Unfortunately I am the Queen of Static so this will need doing by someone who does not rule the electric realm. Think a female version of Thor, but without the cloak and the muscles. And the facial hair. Hammer, mind, I could do with a (}#%$!! hammer. Now.

Another calming shot.

Llanberis Pass

Thing 3: Sodding washing machine decides to have its annual near-Christmas collapse. I know how it feels, but I do not stop in mid cycle with a load of ringing wet bedding inside, with all my lights flashing, making a terrible noise, and then refuse to give up my prize of a partly washed duvet, sheet, and pillowcases to their rightful owner. However at least it did not do it on Boxing Day this year, and I did find a hammer and released my washing through the exercise of physical violence.

And this is why I found myself driving around the base of Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon, avoiding a strolling family of wild goats, even though I suspected I would actually get my new machine from my lovely local retailer. As I have. It arrives tomorrow.


And the craft fair went fine, thanks. But my takings are going on a new washing machine. Oh yes, and on top of all that I developed a lung infection that I thought was just my usual winter athsma until it was a bit late, so I’ve been on heavy-duty antibiotics. I have now finished the course so I can hit the GIN, and boy do I need the €$^#{\!!! gin.


27 thoughts on “Oh, not again!

  1. whip1up

    Sounds like the last few weeks I’ve had with my car! End result? Blown head gasket, it’s parked and I am resisting the urge to take a sledge hammer to it.

    1. kate Post author

      While not encouraging violence in any way, I have to say that hitting the lock of the washing machine with a hammer in just the right place was profoundly satisfying…!

      Good luck. Why do things conspire against us?

      1. whip1up

        I have no idea why everything conspires against us! I tell my husband all of the time that I’m just going to be a jerk and watch the world behave, because nice people always seem to draw the short stick. The upside is we had a spare car, supposed to be my son’s next month when he gets his license, but it’s mine for now.

        1. kate Post author

          That’s a positive – sometimes things do work out even when they seem as though they’re not going to. 👍🏻

    1. kate Post author

      Let’s hope. Keep everything crossed for new washing machine. Will it get down the steps Into by sub-basement kitchen (the house is on a hill). If not, will it get up the steps to the front door and through the other doors?

      Will it work?

  2. hebrideanwoolshed

    [D] If this is what it is like to be off-topic, then that’s fine by me! You touched on another ‘clumping tendency’ – things that go wrong on Christmas/Boxing Day. With us it is the septic tank and all things connected. That, of course, may be a subject which is not just off-topic, but off-limits!

    1. kate Post author

      I really, really, really, really hope you have not jinxed my soakaway by mentioning your septic tank and Christmas. What a nightmare – that possibility beats everything…!

  3. ElaineChicago.

    Hopefully you have exited from the Dark Tunnel of Housing/Car Misfortunes!! Just looking at your beautiful photos is very calming to me. Keep on keeping on, Kate!!

  4. weird weekends

    So hopefully you have used up your share of bad luck and now a “clump” of good things are heading your way.

    When I was a kid a farmer told me he worried every time he had a “long” period of nothing bad happening. He said that means that bad stuff is building up and something big and bad was going to explode out. He explained to me that when small bad things happen, it is like letting off steam… keeping the “pressure” down and the huge disasters away.

    Kind of a different way of looking at things… (and to be honest… this never helped me feel better about bad events… but your post made me think of this farmer)

    Sorry you have had a turn of bad luck…(loved the pictures)

  5. Helen

    Enjoy your Christmas now. 🙂 Visited a Loran C station once *before GPS these stations helped ships pinpoint their positions. They had 2 generators. (Always a backup). They had named them Thor and Wander. Thor, was always breaking down. Thor- when you see lightning, grab a hammer. Wander- always ran smoothly, so they Wander (wondered) why it worked. Time to name appliances????

  6. lyllith2

    Hugs! Thank you for the pictures and wonderful witty writing; it has given me the opportunity to reflect on some of my own seasonal stress. Deep breath, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday with no more threesomes of ill luck!

  7. croftgarden

    I though about sending you an appropriate philisophical quotation from Seneca 9my favourite stoic) but what the hell, sloe gin is a better idea! Take care and have a wonderful Christmas – hope you’re not entertaining Brabara and Conor too!

    1. kate Post author

      We’ve got Barbara – she was all over my dining area last night when a drain couldn’t cope – but not Conor. Yet…!

      And a happy christmas to you too; batten down the hatches.

      (Blackberry whisky. Just the thing to do with blended. Improves it no end.)


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