I aten’t dead!

In the immortal (literally) words of Pratchett’s fabulous witch Granny Weatherwax, I aten’t dead. I am still here, but have been rushed off my silly feet. Plus my stupid stalker evidently didn’t have enough to do around the festive period and was back tracking me over social media, which isn’t exactly encouraging. However said stalker now appears to be back in their box (I haven’t abandoned my love of grammar and correct use of pronouns, I just refuse to grant ss even the tiniest level of respect). So I should be back, posting away. And I will be, once my lovely MacBookPro comes back from having loads more memory put in it, and a consequent upgrade to the OS.

So in the meanwhile, here’s what I’ve just finished:


A scarf in a mix of Noro and Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze. I didn’t even start the new year by making use of the stash (which I certainly should have done), as this was something I unravelled. And I didn’t get round to making a pussyhat (which I should also have done), partly because I didn’t have any pink other than this and I wasn’t unravelling it again, and also because I was working and not travelling to London to march. Best intentions, etc. But I shall carry on channelling Granny Weatherwax anyway.


4 thoughts on “I aten’t dead!

  1. Miriam P.

    Very happy to hear you “aten’t dead”!! Nice to see you back despite the stupid ss (and yes, I realize that is repetitive but if someone is stalking you why not call them stupid twice?) I also didn’t have time to make myself or any of my non-knitting friends pussyhats – even the friends who made it to the marches – but I was with them in spirit. Looking forward to your 2017 posts!

    1. kate Post author

      Thank you – and I’ve just picked up my laptop, all sparkly and updated, so there’ll be no more wrestling with outdated browsers. And poo x 45,678 to stalkers!

      (Just had three requests for pussyhats. I think they may be turning into the 2017 equivalent of the French Revolution’s phrygian cap…)

      1. Miriam P.

        I am struggling with what to make for myself. I love how hats look on me but absolutely hate what they do to my hair. I have very fine, curly short hair and after I take a hat off it looks like it’s been painted on and not very expertly either. More like I have a case of mange. No fluffing with my fingers puts it right once it’s been mashed. Plus I am one of those folks who loves cold weather and am often too hot in a hat. SO I am thinking of crocheting pink cat ears (attached to a headband.) Do you know of PlanetJune? She has wonderful amigurumi patterns. I did her reindeer antlers with ears for my nephew a few Christmases ago. And I’ll probably crochet a pussyhat just so I have one if ever required!!

        1. kate Post author

          I’m a crochet numpty, but a pair of crochetted cat ears sounds fab – could they be fitted on a headband of sorts? I sympathise as I’m another who gets too hot in a hat; I’d rather have a biiiiiggggggg scarf reaching up to my ears.

          Interestingly, I’m just back from doung my stint in my LYS in Dolgellau – and my first sale was pink wool for a couple of pussyhats; it’s evidently not going away any time soon.

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