I just realised, with a shock, that poor old Woolwinding has gone untended for ages. So while I am stupidly busy, I thought I’d do a few quickie posts which I could complete easily from my phone or tablet – just, basically, saying that I’m not dead, and neither is Woolwinding…

One of the things that’s keeping me busy is the prospect of summer and the pop-up makers’market in which I participate. As usual, it’s the things which need some sewing that are hanging about, waiting for me to just… just…

decide which fabric is going to make the lining of this felted bag. Classic (if mad) brocade, or the 1980s Collier Campbell?


12 thoughts on “Yikes!

    1. kate Post author

      That fabric was everywhere – I remember seeing it in interior mags. For some reason I’ve got loads of it, and have no recollection of where I got it.

    1. kate Post author

      I love it – showed it to friend who remembers it from then, and her reaction was visceral: ‘yuk! Not that again!’. Some people….

    1. kate Post author

      Hello back!
      There were lots of people around the last holiday, so hopefully there’ll be even more in the summer… I just need to knit like the wind!

  1. Miriam P.

    I so love the “mad” brocade. I think it would be perfect for the lining. Just my two cents’ worth! Enjoy your summer!!

    1. kate Post author

      Mad it certainly is … yup, still putting off the decision (and getting rid of the last bits of work work before the pop-up opens).


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