WiPs and WiWs

Busy, busy, busy. I love summer (actually I don’t, particularly; autumn’s my favourite) but round here summer means extra work, and lots of it. The work that gets me out if the house and away from the laptop’s titanium grip, that is. Knitting work. Helping-friends-who-have-interesting-shops work. But at least I’m down to only three works in progress, and one thing on the spinning wheel. Mind you, I have only the one wheel.

Here’s the first, a big jumper in Rowan Cocoon. Naturally I’m not knitting to the same gauge as the pattern, so adjustments have been made. We’ll see. Love the yarn, though, even if it sheds like the devil and all his angels.

Then there’s the Megaproject. This is an Orkney cardigan, also a Rowan pattern but knitted in Jamiesons shetland DK instead of Felted Tweed. This has also needed tweaking to get gauge. Naturally.

Happily the only ither thing on the needles (for the moment) does not need me to explore the realms of higher mathematics. It’s a shawlette, culled from Ravelry, and it’s being knitted in some really ancient Jaeger pure silk which I bought in a sale at Rowan in Holmfirth.

and I’m loving the yarn. It will look even better when it’s been blocked, of course, but it is de-lic-ious. Supposedly this is being knitted for the stall, but we will see.

Then on the wheel, in my lamentable attemot to join the Tour de Fleece this year, is some drum-carder blended fibre. There’s silk in here too, and heaven only knows what else.

Not enough to do much with, either, but I decided I would use the TdF to spin up some bits and then… well, who knows? One wristwarmer, perhaps. Which will add a fourth WiP, of course. And might be very useful for someone with one wrist.


6 thoughts on “WiPs and WiWs

  1. Miriam P.

    Love all the colors you’re using!! Especially what’s on your wheel. Oh there are days when after reading my favorite knitting blogs I wish I could just chuck work and go home to focus on my WIPs. But since I can’t quit working, I think I’ll just make myself another cup of tea and get back to it…

    1. kate Post author

      I know, work is soooooo problematic, keeps getting in my way too. Sympathies!

      Colour is wonderful and strange. I definitely remember that Jaeger silk as pink (probably why I’d not used it, even for resale), but it isn’t. It’s a pale lavendery-pinky-grey…

  2. ElaineChicago

    It’s great to see that you have so many WIPs! I try to keep several things going at once but then get anxious to get something finally finished!! Happy to see that you’re spinning again… lovely colors.

    1. kate Post author

      Phew, finished the pink scarf/shawl just in time for the opening on the pop-up shop – must photograph it. Now down to two WiPs. Must rectify this…

  3. carys davies

    I’ve heard that David Hockney always wears non-matching socks (he cites Herrick – “a sweet disorder in the dress”) so non matching ww would be grrrreeat.


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