I’m an inveterate adapter of patterns, and also come up with my own when I can’t quite find anything appropriate in my (ahem) huge collection. After passing on my patterns informally for a while now, it seems time to put some of them on here. They are test-knitted (I work a few hours a week in a wool shop), but if there are any problems with any of them, please let me know!

cowl 1The Quick Christmas Cowl, so named because it’s a) quick and b) was knitted originally as an emergency present. Orginality, what? I could call it the Solstice Cowl, give it a wilder name or even name it after the friend it was first knitted for (hello, X, you know who you are).

It’s also on Ravelry.


woolwinding 3The Woolwinding Eyelet Shawl is a simple lace shawl, which is nonetheless very effective, and especially stunning when knitted in something like a Noro yarn. It uses about 375m of 4-ply yarn – sock yarns are ideal, provided they’re not self-striping ones (those look effective as socks and very strange as anything else). Again, the pattern is on Ravelry.




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