Woolly events

The third Sunday of every month (possibly except January and February; they will depend on weather conditions) Sunday Market Spinners in Dolgellau.

We meet in the large room above T H Roberts’ cafe, from 10-2 (and possibly longer). Wool, good company, a farmers’ market and the best lemon meringue pie in creation. Who could ask for more?

Come and join us – croeso cynnes i bawb; a warm welcome for everyone. We’re a mixed-language group (with occasional outbreaks of swearing in French, cough, cough), so everyone can feel included.

(And we promise we won’t make anybody wear national dress of any kind. Really. What are the chances that woman could really spin?)

DATES FOR A 2015 DIARY (supposing you’re that organised)

First Dolgellau Spinners, 21 March

Wonderwool Wales, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April

Proper Woolly, 30-31 May, Holdsworthy, Devon.

Woolfest, Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June

Tall Yarns

Temptation at Wonderwool 2014

Yarndale, 26-27 September, Skipton

Masham Sheep Fair is about the same time, but I haven’t got the 2015 dates yet. However, I hope to finally get there this year…


6 thoughts on “Woolly events

  1. Vicy Rogers

    Hi! I I just found your blog via the report on wonderwool, great! I love doris the sheep…………….! Can I let you know about a new fibre event if you fancy trying something different?! Proper Woolly is a brand new event, 30-31st May 2015. Holsworthy, Devon. A first for this part of the country, we’re hoping it will be met with as much enthusiasm as Yarndale was in it’s first year!

    1. kate Post author

      Hiya too! I’d heard about this on Ravelry, sounds really interesting. I’m quite happy to shove a link on here… Done. Interestingly, Wonderwool started off with food as well – and then the wool side went mad.

      1. properwoolly

        Thanks! That’s interesting, I didn’t know that, food markets are our day job so it seemed a good way of adding interest for the more local people who may be less enthusiastic fibre crafters, plus will help with the catering!

        1. kate Post author

          I think the very first WW was tied in with the smallholders’ show, then that moved and one hall was devoted to food, another to wool. Then the food space was reduced, and now there are just about four or five food stalls, by popular request. Might be worth talking to the Wonderwool organisers?

  2. ratikala

    Dear Wool winding, …..

    love your Blog, ….. just writing to ask if you and simmilarly wooly minded persons might be interested in an all Welsh Wooly event ??? …..by that I mean an event dedicated to and seriously promoting home grown, hand spun, small production, ….assembled, knitted woven, fudged or bodged in Wales by small people trying to preserve and add to an important part of Welsh Culture, ……there may be space also for other Crafts Welsh in origin , ……and even some food ? …We’ve possibly found a fantastic venue, so Id love to hear any feedback, ….

    best wishes R

    1. kate Post author

      Hiya, Just to reassure you that I’m not ignoring you, I’m thinking about it. It’s an interesting idea – yes, there are wool festivals in Wales already, from the huge to the village-hall-for-an-afternoon sort of thing, but can’t think of anything focusing on purely Welsh wool…


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